Pharmacy Services

Full-Service Drugstore     

Rockwood Pharmacy is a full-service drug store, offering a complete selection of vitamins, over-the-counter medications, toiletries and home health care products. Looking for something specific? We’re always happy to help! Ask today. 



Medication Counselling

30 minutes  and up • Free for eligible ODB recipients

Do you have questions that need answers? Our knowledgeable pharmacists want to help you understand and optimize your medication use. Book a private consultation to discuss your prescription and non-prescription medications, monitor for interactions, address side effects or improve the use of a device. 



At Home Medication Reviews  

30 minutes  and up • Free for eligible ODB recipients

Individuals who are unable to visit the pharmacy in person due to a physical or mental health condition may be eligible for an annual medication review at home by a pharmacist. Call today to inquire. 



Specialty Medication Packaging

Price varies

Our Speciality Medication Packaging service can help to: – Reduce confusion about your regimen – Remind you to take your medications – Spread out your medications over the day – Reduce the risk for medication errors – Manage medication refills – Monitor the medication use of a loved one Specialty Medication Packs are available on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. A pharmacy team member would be happy to help determine if this customized service is right for you!




Price varies

Medication compounding creates products that are tailored to the specific needs of each client, as prescribed. Our team is waiting to create a personalized medicine just for you! 



Vaccine Administration 

Fee applies

Our trained pharmacists administer many prescribed vaccines in-store. Book appointments in advance to ensure quick and convenient service. 



Influenza & COVID Vaccine Administration 


Seasonal flu shots are offered annually. Call or check in-store for up-to-date information on availability, clinic days, and walk-in times. 



Blood Pressure Monitoring


Our in-store blood pressure monitor is easy to use and always available. 



Medication Disposal 


Rockwood Pharmacy is a collection site for unused or expired prescription medications, over-the-counter products and natural health products. 



Sharps Disposal 


Rockwood Pharmacy is a medical sharps collection site. We provide approved sharps containers and accept full sharps containers for disposal.